Mosaic develops and hosts social websites to empower and connect purpose-driven organizations and efforts working to build a more just, democratic, and sustainable world.

Community Site Features

Branded Commnity Sites Hosted for You.


Coming Soon: We’ll have a full service donation/rewards/equity white label crowdfunding platform similar to kickstarter but owned and operated by your organization.  See demo site.

Activity Stream

Full social media function so you can see what your connections are up to including latest content changes, mention them using the @username, share articles, videos, websites, and more.


Create groups dedicated to different topics so users can collaborate with others on a focused effort.


Participate in discussions via forum topics, linked to a group or as a stand-alone forum.

Facebook Login/Register integration

Easily register or login with you Facebook account. Everything you need is included, just enable the feature from Admin panel

Instant Messaging

Instant message one-on-one, or as a group.

Web Docs

Upload documents and share with friends or groups.  Jointly edit documents, see revision history, and set read and write access.

Events Manager

Create and manage events, promote them to others outside of the community, have a limited number of tickets, and more.

Share Content On Social Media

Share content from your community site back to other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

No coding required in building a professional website. Included as a plugin, K Elements provide unique elements to create awesome pages.

Membership Ready

Coming soon…create Membership Levels and easily restrict content based on member access


Many other great features are possible–let us know what you’re looking for!

Structure of the Mosaic Network


Users own all their data.  Users can access all the community sites they are members of with a single Mosaic sign-in. Users will have standard social networking functions such as friending, personal chat, and fine-grained privacy control.


We host online white label communities for your organization or group, built on the power and flexibility of WordPress, an open source and user friendly website building software that powers more than 20% of websites.  Each community comes with an array of collaboration and sharing tools that can be tailored to your purpose.


The portal is where you can search the entire network, all the community sites and users, for particular: people, forums, groups, documents, news, or anything else. It helps you find what you’re looking for.
Network Structure

We’re Committed to a Distributed Web

While it’s not in our short-term plan, we’re committed to turning Mosaic into a distributed social network, so you’re not dependent on us for your connectivity. Once distributed it means you can have your user or community entity hosted on any server and you’ll still be seamlessly connected to everyone else.

We Are

A Social Enterprise: which means we exist to create social benefit. We are exploring how to become a multistakeholder cooperative so everyone with a stake will have ownership
Open: all products we develop will be designated open source.
Independent: we will never take Venture Capital or equity-based funding unless its within a cooperative ownership model.
New Power: we believe the world needs a new type of power that does not concentrate power through coercion or walled gardens, but spreads and distributes power by designing in liberty and openness. Its this ethos that guides every aspect of development.


We are always open to exploring potential synergies and collaborating with others. Feel free to reach out to us or send a link to a friend who may be interested. We are stronger together.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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